Gathering Of The Goddeses
A Day Retreat That Will Ignite Your Spirit
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​​​​​ play &


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​like a

​​​​​​​ Queen! 

This is a full day of life-changing live and exquisite ritual, ceremony and self-practices to awaken and celebrate the goddess within!​​​​​​​

​Led by 2 top-trained sex/love/relationship coaches through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality,

​​​​​​​this is a day of awakening the goddess within and connecting with your inner feminine power. 


"You’ll be meeting and connecting with other like-minded women ready to step into & uncover their fullest, most turned up version of themselves!"

  • Live connection and sharing processes to get clear on your intentions and heal deep feminine wounds around sisterhood, your body and sexuality

  • A Jade egg practice to up level your body love

  • Powerful ritual that will open your heart and strip away conditioning around your sexuality – revealing a more vibrant, deep and authentic you

  • A Breath work process to unlock ecstasy and release trauma

  • A cacao ceremony, dance, face painting and pool time (weather permitting!)

  • And of course, epic sisterhood connecting in unforgettable ways and creating powerful community

  • Deep processes for you to take with you for ongoing long term transformation!



​​​​​​​The Details

When: Sunday, November 11, 2018 10am-7pm-ish

Where: Private residence in New Orleans, LA to be disclosed upon registration

How much: $199



​​​​​​​ experience...

  • Live transmission practices from Marisha and Lacey that will open up gateways of bliss, joy, ecstasy and profound healing

  • Experience a specific focus on healing feminine wounds around sisterhood, sexuality and the female body

  • Get an exclusive opportunity to connect with your community once and for all


​​​​​​​ included...

  • Exquisite feast along with snacks throughout the evening

  • Ceremonial grade cacao

  • A full day of life-changing practices


​​​​​​​ not


100% Genuine Nephrite Jade Egg that we will be using for jade egg practice.​​​​​​​
What's a jade egg & why do I need one?
The jade egg is an ancient Taoist practice created by women, for women to help awaken sexual energy and strengthen and tone the pelvic floor. You do not need to purchase one in order to attend the retreat. Using the jade egg for the live practice is optional, but if you'd like to purchase one for maximum benefits, you may do so here:
F.A.Q.'s Answered

What type of practices will we be doing?​​​​​​​
We’ll be doing a jade egg practice, a partnered communication practice, a Tantric initiation process, a deep feminine embodiment breath work process, and a cacao ceremony.
Do I need to purchase a jade egg?​​​​​​​
Purchasing your jade egg is completely optional. If you have one already, please bring it. If you do not, we do advise that you purchase one for maximum benefits, but it is not required.​​​​​​​
How do I get there?​​​​​​​
The location will be at a private residence in New Orleans, LA & will be disclosed upon ticket purchase.​​​​​​​ 
Will there be nudity?​​​​​​​
Yes! However, you will always be allowed to say no or to have a healthy boundary. There will absolutely not be any forced nudity. You may leave your clothes on the entire time if you want. However, we will be doing jade egg practices and other processes where nudity is totally optional. That means that other women may choose to be topless or naked. While you can choose to always keep your clothing on, by attending this retreat you are consenting to other women choosing to be topless or nude.​​​​​​​
Meet Lacey

If lack of confidence, low libido, or guilt and shame around your sexuality are the cause of your bedroom woes,

(the hot, wild sex you never have any more, or the transition into motherhood that sucked your libido dry), you need Lacey. She’s an integrated sex, love & relationship coach for soulful and successful women who want to feel confident, powerful, and sexy in their own skin.

As a certified sex coach, Tantra, jade egg teacher, Lacey uses deep transformational tools and techniques based in modern coaching modalities, and ancient tantric wisdom and Taoist practices to help women like you reconnect with your sensual self, discover your orgasmic genius inside, and experience deep intimacy & connection with your partner.

Learn Lacey's secrets to multiorgasmic bliss here.

Meet Marisha
Ecstatic freedom coach, Marisha Anana, is for the woman ready to re awaken her heart’s desires, step into unapologetic sovereignty, and live her ecstasy.

Marisha has been an explorer of all things sensual since she left the womb. She lives in service to pleasure. Transforming anger, grief, pain into ecstatic power for healing and empowerment. She has walked a path bridging from sex worker to spiritualist. Stripper to Dakini. Self service to in service.

​​​​​​​Basically she’s been there, is there, and will go there with you. You deserve to be whole, come as you are.”

“She took my body on a journey that I never knew it could reach.”

Join the revelry here!
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